Our long-term goal is to build the confidence of those around us, to help them conquer and crush their goals. We want to build a community of the bold and the brave. Of those who want to be an inspiration.

This is a movement of both Encouragement + Empowerment. 



The timid become Bold when they can walk through gym doors with the badass confidence that we know they have.

The Bold become the BRAVE when they work to inspire + help at least one person. When they lead by example. They show what it is to be confident by sharing their successes, failures, tips, and tricks – they want someone to mirror that conviction.

Let us be clear – there is nothing wrong with being timid or shy. We can, in fact, be timid and shy in certain aspects of our life. This is for those who want that extra push to get into the gym and become a little bit more selfish when it comes to working on their health. Selfish – meaning putting yourself first when it comes to your well-being – scheduling out that time for you to work on you.