Not a typical Fitness Blog | Disclaimer

There are so many fitness blogs in the world


I’m not attending to be like that.

I’m just a regular girl, on a regular fitness journey. This is about connecting people with each other to help each other provide resources, motivation, and support so we can get to that healthy lifestyle that WE WANT.

This blog is about being a real person who can’t always do the right things when it comes to my own health. Who makes mistakes, doesn’t know everything, needs help, and overall just trying to do her best.

I am not a fitness trainer.

I have never been a fitness instructor.

I only know what I know from gym class in high school, friends who workout, and from the research I’ve done since then- mainly from Pinterest and other blogs.

All of these posts are thoughts and concerns that I’ve had while I am trying to make life changes to be healthier. I hope you can join me on this journey- but I know that I need to find that encouragement within myself because at the end of the day this is me making the changes and no one else can do that for me.

Sincerely Yours,


Mirror Me Fitness


Also, you will tend to notice that I put some general and design info about my creative business so that it might help somebody else who is just getting started. I just want to share what I know in the hopes that it can one day help someone else. We can learn from each other.