TeePublic has a new Product!

TeePublic sent an email a few days about their new t-shirt named: The Curvy Tee!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.47.00 AM

These superior soft premium jersey t-shirts for ladies have the perfect fit, in extended sizes. Available in six different colors to complement any wardrobe, these shirts are softly shaped to fit any gal’s curves.

Where to find them

Under the T-Shirt option:

Select: Female under Gender

Select: Curvy Tee under Style

I have yet to order any samples of this style so let me know if you get one! I work hard to make sure that the places I use for printing are providing good quality products. Your input is appreciated!


BTS: Why Zazzle & TeePublic

I swear I am a curse for print shops….

Here’s the story….

First off I like to point out that it is hard to find a printer that will print shirts 1 at a time.

They would prefer to do bulk orders. However, as a startup, I could not afford to do bulk orders for each of my designs. I would have the process of having a customer pre-order a shirt then I would send the request in to get it printed.

I tried working with local printers, but one seriously left me out to dry. The best way to describe it is that they told me they were going to be completed, then started avoiding my emails and calls. Mind you, this wasn’t my first time ordering from them. The guy who was in charge ended up leaving the company, and the person who took over did not even know about my order! Yet he wanted to charge me double the price over the original quote I was given! I was told $15-20 a shirt, and he wanted to charge me $35-40 PER SHIRT!

Note: this price does NOT include any markup from me for my design work NOR shipping.

And instead of apologizing and trying to make the situation right they wouldn’t do anything for me. And this was such a bad experience because I had customers already waiting for the shirts to be done. I ended up refunding them and sending them to TeePublic once I got everything up on there.

After that terrible experience, I had to find a printer that would be more cost-effective not just for myself but for my customers. This is what I came across TeePublic and Zazzle. They offer a broad range of products and have great reviews for their print quality. So they take care of all the payment processing and printing.  This gives me more of the ability to focus on the design aspects and the marketing.


I don’t have total control over the colors of placing my logo on them, but this was a small price to pay for at least being able to get my Designs out there to the public.

I did try to work with another screen printer; nevertheless, the place that they work with to get their DTG printing done ended up going out of business. *Whelp*…. like I said I must be a curse…

I do know in the future I plan on releasing Limited Edition Designs printed on shirts that you cannot normally get on either one of those sites, but that would be for the future.

So to sum it up:

Unless you have the money to do bulk orders, I would suggest that you would sell your 1359642_1designs online through a place like TeePublic or Zazzle or any of the other online print shops. You can even do more than one store! Get your designs up anywhere you can! Different online print shops offer different items to be printed on, and they take care of everything!

You can always try buying 1 design in a bulk order and try to push that… just remember to get a variance of sizes.

I hope this can help anyone who wants to get started in the t-shirt business! If you have any suggestions on other online print shops, please leave them below! I would love to check them out!

The Creation of Mirror Me Fitness

It has always been extraordinarily hard for me to keep consistency with going to the gym. I hated it. It still isn’t my favorite thing to do. 

However, I knew I had to make a change, but I needed to figure out why I despised going to the gym. What could I do to make it somewhat more pleasant? 

It started with the fact that I was not the type of person who could go to the gym and be left to my own devices. I needed either a trainer or take a class and since a trainer was super expensive I opted to take the classes that were included with my membership. No matter what class I took- I was always surrounded by mirrors. 

I could see my fat jiggle. I hated when my shirt would come up and expose my pudgy tummy. I couldn’t keep up with the others during Zumba or Pilates. There was so much self-loathing and anxiety built up around this that it was becoming harder to even go to the gym than the actual workout. I kept thinking that people were judging me for what I couldn’t do… I wasn’t doing the moves right. I wasn’t able to complete the reps. 

And no way could I even go near the gym equipment! I would freak out so bad if I didn’t know how to use it (or make adjustments) or especially if the gym became crowded. THAT was the worse! I even saved up to get a personal trainer since that would take me out of the gym classes. It helped for a little bit but I get bored easily doing the same type of workouts. I needed to take classes in order to keep it fresh. And eventually the sessions with the trainer ended and I was back to figuring out where to go from there. 

It just became so powerfully negative that I knew eventually I would just stop going to the gym again. Like all the times before. I needed to do something to bring more positivity- something that was initially just for me. This was my problem. I needed to focus on something to keep my mind from thinking about what anyone else was doing. To help keep those irrational thoughts and anxiety at bay. So if my problems started with looking at the mirror, maybe I should start there. 

I designed three shirts for myself:

I Got This

I am Strong

I am my own Hero

You will notice Beast Mode- that one was for my fianceI will do a dedicated blog post (or a microblog on Mirror Me Fitness IG account) for the reasons behind those designs. 

As silly as it may seem, the shirts helped to keep my focus strong. It was something for me to look at and ignore all the stupid crap that was trying to force its ugly head into my workout time. The words were for me to read. It kept me motivated. It made me happy! And that was all that mattered. 

My family saw the shirts, asked why they were “mirrored” and they fell in love with the concept. I started showing them to my friends who I found out were on the same boat as me. I thought I was the only one who felt this way, but after speaking about it I found out I wasn’t alone. It was normal to feel this way for some people. Some people got over it, some didn’t go back to the gym. 

So with the encouragement of my family and friends Mirror Me Fitness was born. Honestly, I thought people would think the concept and the designs were stupid. I ended up growing the designs and launching new collections. I still have more plans for new designs to come in the future, but I wanted you to know about the beginning of this story. 

Maybe you can relate to it or have more ideas of how I can better handle myself at the gym. For some of you – you don’t need words of encouragement, and that’s great! For others… well maybe you are more like me and these designs can help you too. This blog will be dedicated to the more personal side of the brand. Not only the journey of Mirror Me Fitness but my own personal fitness journey and how I try to deal with this ongoing struggle. I am no fitness expert. This is just the personal story that is connected to the brand. 

Sincerely yours,


Mirror Me Fitness