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Mirror Me Fitness was first created in January of 2017.

I created the first set of designs because I could no longer stand to see my own reflection when I looked into the mirror while at the gym. I knew I was there to make a change, but I couldn’t stop the constant self-judgment and hate that was taking over my thoughts every time I glanced in the mirror.

So instead of not going to the gym anymore, working out at home was not a great option, I decided to design shirts that held a positive message, a secret message to myself that I could only read while looking into the mirror. It helped to keep me motivated and more focused on the good I was doing for my body. It gave me something better and sent a better message to myself.

However, as time went on, I knew that there was a better way to help people build their confidence – more than just designs on a shirt. I felt like the designs, although I loved them, didn’t do the mission of Mirror Me Fitness justice. I also take responsibility that the message behind Mirror Me Fitness was not implemented to its full potential.

On October 16th, 2017 Mirror Me Fitness has been given a transformation – both inside and out. I have updated and revised designs – bolder – and made the brand message stronger.


We are helping people build confidence, making them bolder, making them BRAVER. Through a community that shares inspirational stories, both of challenges and successes, through those who want others to mirror their confidence.

We lead by example. We show you how it can be done. 

Hence, the new reflection of Mirror Me Fitness. This is not only about your reflection in the Mirror, this is also about the person who is looking to you for guidance.

Be Bold, Become Brave. 


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