Building Better Habits

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”- Jim Rohn

Step 1: Stopped drinking coca-cola

Step 2: Starting doing yoga/stretching in the morning

Step 3: Added one everyday workout challenge

It all started with one small task. Then slowly I added other small goals into the mix.

Building better habits can be a hard thing to do if you try to do many things at once, as I have come to find out. The things I am trying to slowly change about myself are things I have never done before.

But why do I make these changes? For the same reason that most people want, to be able to just move around more without becoming exhausted. I am on my butt all the time! I barely even leave the house!

When I do leave the house, like to go shopping with friends/family, I get exhausted and can even go home feeling sore! Seriously something had to change if walking around the mall was tiring me out. And not to forget, I don’t fit into most my clothes anymore- and like heck if I have the money for a new wardrobe! I am a window shopper…

No, the better thing for me to do –and better for my wallet– is to find ways to lose the weight that I have gained. That is my motivation. My reflection is my motivation. My clothes are my motivation. My wallet is my motivation (not by choice).

I have so many anime and band shirts that I refuse to give away or throw out!! I swear I will fit into them someday!

So for anyone out there who struggles with weight loss like me or is simply wanting to make changes in their everyday life- please take that age old advice- TAKE THINGS ONE STEP AT TIME. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to change overnight, there is a high chance that it won’t last. You should just start with one thing, then slowly bring on others. But what the heck, if you want to prove me wrong and become a better person overnight, then you do you boo boo!


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