The Squat Challenge

So for the past week, I have given myself a squat challenge that I found via Pinterest (Link here:

Basically, for 30 days I do 3 days on 1 day off | 3 reps of 15 squats.

This challenge is pretty simple to do, so I can’t make many (if any) excuses for why not to do it every day. And when I go to the gym I use this challenge as a warm-up before my regular workout.

It has me thinking of adding more challenges to my routine -more stuff I can do at home- it would help give me small steps in the right direction of putting a fitness routine into my lifestyle.

What type of challenges are you currently working on? Anything that you think is actually working for you? I will have to show a before and after photo or just report if anything has changed for me.

If you have any recommendations for ABS or Arm challenges, let me know in the comments below!

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