Think and Adapt

For the past few weeks, I was having some pretty severe pain near my tailbone area. It was hurting so bad that there was no way I could physically workout. This one tender spot was making it hard to do anything, even walk.

This pain came during the first full week I was dedicating to my fitness routine. I knew this week was already going to be challenging, so having this come up really de-motivated me since it prevented me from working out. It basically pushed all my plans to the following week.

This made me angry, upset, depressed- it gave me that why should I even try anymore feeling.

I could barely do anything! But what this injury did give me, was time. Time to think, to focus, to figure out what else I could be doing to get healthy.

I started focusing on the stuff I could do like meal prepping. I have seen everywhere that abs are made in the kitchen so why not concentrate on changing my diet?

Then everything somehow got easier… what I mean is that by not having to worry about the workout portion I was able to take my time to look up recipes, budget out meals, grocery shop, and cook.

And oh my gwad it felt so much better to just be able to focus on this one thing! I multitask all the time (evening do so right now as I write this blog) so being able to give this one part of my life my complete devotion made it so that it got done quicker.

It inspired me to create this design below:

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Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.41.15 PM          Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.41.50 PM

I wear it to remind me that we don’t have to try to conquer everything at once. We can work towards small goals that will help towards the major one. It reminds me that taking one step at a time, focusing on doing that one thing, is better than not doing anything. It is better than giving up.

When you feel overwhelmed or feel like you can’t do it all- that’s ok! Take a deep breath and focus on one thing. Just one thing at a time and you will get it done! I promise that you will start to feel better. Setting smaller goals and completing them will help to motivate you. And it gets around those pesky excuses you sometimes tell yourself when things don’t go your way.

You can do this.

I know you can!



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