Fitness Reflection | AK | The End

Reflection on the End

Hello All!

As most of you are aware from my previous blogs posts, I was participating in a May fitness challenge. My goal was to get down to a size 36 before my graduation. Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal. I mentioned at the Midpoint struggle I had run into a few issues. I had gotten sick and then hurt my foot. I tried to still complete my challenge to the best of my ability, but the foot setback was a little much to overcome.

I want to make one thing clear; there is no excuse I’m leaning on to why I did not reach my goal. I failed, but I learned a lot about myself trying to do something like this 30-day challenge.

First, when doing a heavy cardio challenge hurting your foot will affect your overall performance. I think with a longer program, or if I were working with a trainer 1-on-1, I would have been able to re-plan and redirect my workouts to continue progress without taking many steps back. An injury can wreck your performance when you are trying to accomplish so much in such a short time on your own.

Second, diet is critical. Even though my meal plan was a basic plan, I was able to change some bad habits of mine. When eating pre-made meals and following a strict plan, I noticed I wasn’t stopping for fast food. Even Taco Bell sounded disgusting when I was hungry. My chocolate cravings went away. Typically, I will stop at gas stations for a chocolate bar or horde cookies at my house. As the program went on because I was eating better, I ceased needing to pick up candy at every gas station. Even with these minor changes, I felt better. I noticed little weight come off from these changes, but I began to feel better. My energy was up, and I could stay up and focus on homework. Something I could not do over the last few years. I also did not gain any weight when I could no longer do the cardio challenges. I held my weight loss at 246lbs. The meal plan alone kept me from yoyoing. I typically always thought I could work around the diet, but with this challenge, I realized you cannot outwork a poor diet.

The Final Thoughts

So I may not have gotten to my goal this time, I am still encouraged. My failure was learning experience in how much support matters. Injuries are better dealt with when you are working with a trainer 1 on 1. That diet is so much more important than I had ever considered. My failure was a great learning experience as I get ready to move on to a summer program and start to rehab my foot. I’m still very positive about my experience and hope my story has helped. I will keep reporting about my fitness journey as know I focus on a summer goal.



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