Goal Update | Side Effects of no Soda

The last time I had a can of coke was May 15th, 2017.

It is now May 31st, 2017.

This. Is. Hard.

It has only been about two weeks. Even after one week and the cravings have been hard to deal with. I was the type of person who drank at least three cokes a day! Some in-between meals just to deal with the hunger. I would be hungry, but not have a taste for anything, so I would just drink a coke.

The side effects of not drinking coke have been mostly negative… I guess that is to be expected since I’ve spent almost 25+ years drinking coke… (I would say for the total of 27 years because I’m pretty confident my mom drank coke while I was in her belly).

I have felt:

  • Depressed and unmotivated (un-creative)
  • Fatigue – never wanting to leave my bed or couch
  • Grumpy and easily agitated
  • My limbs felt like sand and concrete- the idea of going to the gym felt impossible because I could barely move around the house

I finally took to the web to see what other people experienced when they dropped soda from their diet and it appears that I check-off on all the symptoms of withdrawal.

I didn’t think it would be this bad, considering I wasn’t giving up on my love of coffee. I still have it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

What I replaced as my main drink for coca-cola has been water with ice- so I guess that is good. But when I would want something with flavor it would be OJ or fruit punch Gatorade. I am still on the hunt for something a little be better than that, but I would assume it is better to drink a Gatorade than a can of coke.

Oh and Arizona Raspberry Tea! LOVE IT!

It has only been two weeks. So no it has not changed my weight. I am still feeling the symptoms listed above- just more aware that it is the process of the withdrawal, so I feel like I can try to fight it more. I will continue with this for as long as I can until the cravings are no more.

I hope that by conquering this goal, I can move to others with more confidence. That I know, I can do this. That means I can so so much more.


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