Fitness Reflection | AK | MidPoint Struggle

MidPoint Struggle

Hello all!

It’s been a bit since we have last talked. So, I wanted to update you on my challenge journey. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was doing the RE fitness summer challenge. The challenge included a meal plan and a morning HIIT workout. The first 10 days went amazing. Every morning I would wake up to a new workout meant to be done fasted. Toni helped keep me on track by waking me up in the early morning hours so I could do the workout and start the day. She also helped me with my meal plan by helping to cook parts of the meal and packing them up in meal plan containers. I am the type of guy who tries to cook his meals 20 minutes before I have to leave. The only part I struggled with was the apple cider vinegar. I do not know how people get that down daily. I tried mixing it and doing it as a shot with a chaser. I just couldn’t. I know people swear by it but I just can’t.

Results since May first- I was sweating it out. The workouts were kicking my butt more than I had expected. I noticed after a few days I was waking up earlier. I had more energy through the whole day. I was more focused and accomplished more daily than before the start of the challenge. I held off on cheating on my plan for 8 days, even going back the allowed cheat meal. I did weigh myself on day ten, and I was down 10 lbs or 4.5kg. I went down to 246 lbs / 111kg from 256lbs / 116kg.

Then the Struggle Hit

After that ten day mark, I hit my first challenge. I got sick! I still tried to eat my meal plan or modifying it to when my appetite allowed me to eat while being ill. I also tried doing my best to do my workouts, but more in the night when my stamina would return for a bit. I lost a lot of the progress over the next 4 / 5 days as I tried to recoup. I started to feel back to 100% on May 12. I thought I was back to normal and ready to get back to kicking butt! Unfortunately, I did something stupid while on a tour for my school. I jumped off a wall after taking a picture and injured my right foot when I landed. I am currently trying to figure out how to do more than just the meal plan before the challenge is up while rocking an air cast and crutches. I have been down and severely discouraged.

The Comeback

So my plan to fight through the pain. I am going to lean on my support. I intend to go over workouts with Toni and see how we think we can modify the workouts so I can still maximize my whole challenge. I know diet is 70%* of any exercise program, but if I cut out the workouts, I feel like I am cheating myself. I never realized how important a support system is until you really need one. So stay tuned hopefully my next update will more results and less bad news!