Fitness Reflection | AK 36 Days to 36

36 Days to 36

MAY 6th

I graduate college in 36 days. By the time I walk the stage I want to be a size 36. I am currently sitting between a size 38-40. The reason behind this is simple, and I set an achievable goal. So many times I have set a goal to drop X weight in Y time and it’s a monster of a task. It feels like I am trying to change overnight. That’s when I begin to slip off my meal plan or take days off because the goal and time frame are just too big for such a short period. That’s why for my first fitness goal I wanted to set a goal I know I can achieve. Setting reasonable goals whether it be in fitness or in life is a great stepping stone to achieving bigger goals like getting down to 91kg or 200lbs. As you hit each goal, the next goal becomes easier.

So how do I plan to accomplish this?

Well for starters I plan on being in the gym 5-6 days a week using my own weight lifting program I have been putting together over the last few months. I have also signed up for RE Fitness May summer challenge. RE Fitness ( is a personal trainer I have been following for about 2 years. Through Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube he offers free fitness advice. He tries to connect with his followers to help them with their goals even if they haven’t purchased a plan through him. RE Fitness also does challenges every few months. This time around it is a summer challenge I have chosen to take part.  The summer challenge includes morning fasted cardio and a meal plan.

The workouts are sent out every night at midnight and are meant to be done first thing in the morning. These workouts are all isometric designed to be done in multiple rounds in rapid succession. Each workout comes with a YouTube link so you can preview the exercise if you are unsure how it is performed. As I mentioned before these workouts are done fasted right after you get up. I am a little skeptical on this part as I have always been taught to have a pre-workout meal and to never workout with nothing in your system.

As for the meal plan, I chose to go with a generic meal setup from RE Fitness. He did offer a custom meal plan for $47 dollars more, but after seeing the generic meal plan I felt it was sufficient.  Since I float between an Endomorph and Mesomorph, I wanted to really put my body in a caloric deficit for maximum results I went with an Endomorph diet. This is roughly 1700 calories and 176 grams of protein. The meal plan consists of 3 main meals and depending on workout day 2-3 snacks.  All the meals and snacks have the ability for variation and easy prep.

I also chose this route because I have a limited time to work out. I am currently a full-time student, I work full-time, and I have a part-time internship. So I have major limits on how much time I have to commit to achieving my goal. RE Fitness challenge address that with 15 min at home workouts and diet plan. Two things I struggle with the most are staying on a meal plan and cardio.

Oh, do I hate cardio!

Hopeful the combination of the two programs will help me stay on track and achieve my first goal. Stay tuned for my next post as I will break down workouts, meal plan, and the secrets to life. See you at the starting line!