Fitness Reflection | AK & TMD

My Superman to my Wonder Woman

One of my biggest supporters – to everything that I do – is my fiance. He is a proud supporter of my Mirror Me Fitness brand. He helps me a lot with talking through ideas and steps needed to grow and nurture my little designs.

We do basically everything together- clean, cook, walk the dogs, play video games, Pokemon Hunt (Team Instinct FTW). We push each other to do better in every aspect of our lives.

Working towards a healthier lifestyle is no different. We need each other to hold each of us accountable. When one person doesn’t feel like cooking, then the other will pick up the slack. When the other person doesn’t want to go to the gym, the other kicks them out the door.

This arrangement works for us.

So I wanted to get his point of view for these blogs. I am not sure if it will be much different from a male’s perspective- but it never hurts to learn from someone’s else’s journey.

This series is dedicated to him- written in his own words – edited by me. Just formatting to fit this style of this blog. He will be trying different workouts than I am so it will be interesting to see how he accomplishes his goals.

His series will be titled: Fitness Reflection