Fitness Reflection | AK Introduction


Hello Mirror Me Fitness world. My name is Aaron, after talking with Toni, I will be blogging my journey in weight loss and fitness from a guy’s point of view. Before we get started, I wanted to say I am not a trainer or fitness expert. This is just an account of my journey through the fitness world, what I am doing, what I hear about, and my struggles.

Now, a little about me:

Age: 30

Height: 5’9” (180cm)

Weight: 256 lbs (116kg)

My goal is to be 200lbs or about 91kg.

I have some fitness experience. I used to be highly active in sports in high school and even had a trainer for football. So I would say my knowledge for self-help is about novice. I am also currently trying to build my workout plan and meal plan.

I do realize that I may need more help than just going alone. So, to reach my goal, I will be utilizing my plan that I have built along with a plan I have bought from RE Fitness. I will be talking about my journey, my failures, and my successes in hopes to inspire or motivate others who may be struggling. So please follow me on this journey and talk with me about yours, because we all have to start somewhere!!



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