The Dilemma: AM or PM Workouts?

Ever since I have tried to set up a workout schedule, I could never come to the conclusion of when was a better time to workout. I know some people like to go to the gym in the morning so they can get it done and over with and get on with their day. I also know individuals who like to go in the evening after work when they don’t have to be rushed. 

For me, I take a few things into consideration:

  1. Productivity
  2. Crowds
  3. My Hair

Let me explain….

I wake up around 7:30-8 AM. I like to have a cup of coffee and watch some YouTube videos.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 8.48.22 AM
Shameless Product Plug

Then no later than 9 AM I head up to my office space and get to work on my computer. This is the time I am the most productive. I can work on my designs, my social media postings, my blogs, and I can get something to eat around 11 AM. I have learned that I can feel really sick during a workout if I eat (a filling meal) before I workout. 

This is why I was working out in the evenings, I can go about the day and get things done that have to be done. Like cleaning my home, taking care of my dogs, running errands with/for my mom- stuff like that. I also can eat dinner after my workout- so no more getting that sick feeling! 

And one of the best feelings in the world is going coming home from the gym and taking a hot shower then heading to bed! I LOVE IT! 

However, what I don’t love… washing my hair. Blow drying it is even harder when my arms hurt. Also, I cannot… I repeat… cannot stand going to bed with WET hair. Even the thought of it right now disturbs me. **Shiver**ugh**

But another thing that can happen is that the gym can get crowded from the ‘after work’ crowd. There has been a time where two women would place their mats on either side of mine and hold a conversation with me –doing my thing– in-between them. I have yet to find a good pair of affordable wireless headphones to at least drown out the noise around me.  

Other than that fact working out at night was working out pretty good!

But a thought came to mind… if I was so productive in the morning why not workout in the morning? Some nights I would be so tired that going to the gym was near impossible. Other nights I just wouldn’t go because I was so tired and still had to cook dinner. 

So shouldn’t I just go to the gym before I get my day started? I honestly don’t know. The thought of working out so early does bother me but it may still be the best for me. It means I will get it done and I can push myself harder. If I can force myself out the door and to the gym….

Also if I have the availability to go, lets say, in the afternoon when it is the least crowded shouldn’t I take advantage of it? 

Maybe that is the best compromise? 

I think I won’t know until I give it a try… that’s the best I can do, right? I can plan for the afternoon and if that doesn’t happen, just suck it up and go in the evening. All that matters is that I make time and just go! No excuses! 

How do you figure it out? Do just force yourself to go? Do you pre-plan so that dinner is made before hand so that going home at night you just pop into the microwave or oven? Let me know how you go about drafting a workout schedule! I could use the recommendations! 

Sincerely yours,

Mirror Me Fitness

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