Mirror Me Fitness took its first steps in January of 2017. Our primary goal was to provide a way for people to look into the mirror and not hate their reflection. We wanted them to focus on positive + motivational words that they could only read in the mirror.

And though that was a nice thought, it wasn’t enough action.

It wasn’t enough to share inspiring quotes – you can find those everywhere.

It wasn’t enough to create designs with personal backstories – they were only personal to one person.

In short – Mirror Me Fitness – has to do more, it has to BE more.

We had to think of something that brought a community of empowerment, less (to zero) judgment, motivation and inspiration from everyday people.

It got us thinking of a different way to look at our own reflection. How others could better perceive it and the message it carries. It got us thinking of actions speak louder than words. It got us thinking about how great leaders – lead by example.

Hence, the new Mirror Me Fitness was born.

We want to promote the Bold and inspire them to Become Brave.



The Bold are those who were once shy and timid about going to the gym. They are the ones who didn’t know how to use the fitness equipment or how many reps of abs crunches to do.

But they decided that those excuses were not enough to hold them back from reaching their goals. They hired a trainer, or got a fitness buddy or used the Internet to learn how to become a healthier version of themselves.

They are the ones that can proudly walk into any gym and workout with confidence. They’ve tried different fitness regimens until they found something that worked for them.

They are Bold because they never gave up.

They are Bold because they got help when they needed it.

They are Bold because they did not let excuses hold them back.





The BRAVE are those that were once Bold – but decided they wanted to help inspire and motivate someone else. They wish to Lead By Example. They aspire to show the world that change is possible.

The BRAVE want to help people who want/need help. They want to create the confident, the strong, and the Bold. They do this by asking others to Mirror their confidence, Mirror their boldness – watch their actions and learn what it takes to become BRAVE.

They are BRAVE because they inspire and empower others.

They are BRAVE because it takes courage to help another person.

They are BRAVE because the world needs them to be – and they stay BRAVE no matter what judgment or criticism they encounter.



When you wear a Mirror Me Fitness shirt, we want you to feel empowered. We want you to understand that most people have anxiety about fitness and the gym. We also want you to understand that if you genuinely want something, you will find a way. Even if you have to look for help – we will be there for you. We will build a community of like-minded individuals who want nothing more than to provide tips, motivation, and encouragement to those who need it.

Where we will share different fitness journeys, different ways to train, different ways to get fit. Help us build this community of badass people and goal crushers by sharing your story. Let others become inspired by it.

We dare you.



Mirror Me Fitness has been going through a transformation for the past couple of months. For this reason, I want to update all my current customers and supporters that on October 1st all current designs will be discontinued.


One more Squat


Determination | Willpower | Strength

However, these designs will also be deleted and reuploaded with ‘Mirror Me Fitness’ on the shirt on October 16th, 2017. I will also be removing the Zazzle store on October 1st, 2017. I would like to focus to be TeePublic and limit the designs from other outlets.

I am taking Mirror Me Fitness to the next level – and with that, I need to change the graphic designs. Some of the old graphics might come back – but with a new look! Remember to follow on Instagram @mirrormefitness and subscribe on to be the first to know about sales and store news.

Sneak Peeks and more information will be provided by October 1st – when we begin the countdown to the relaunch on October 16th.

Until then, keep working hard and being the badass I know you can be.


Building Better Habits

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”- Jim Rohn

Step 1: Stopped drinking coca-cola

Step 2: Starting doing yoga/stretching in the morning

Step 3: Added one everyday workout challenge

It all started with one small task. Then slowly I added other small goals into the mix.

Building better habits can be a hard thing to do if you try to do many things at once, as I have come to find out. The things I am trying to slowly change about myself are things I have never done before.

But why do I make these changes? For the same reason that most people want, to be able to just move around more without becoming exhausted. I am on my butt all the time! I barely even leave the house!

When I do leave the house, like to go shopping with friends/family, I get exhausted and can even go home feeling sore! Seriously something had to change if walking around the mall was tiring me out. And not to forget, I don’t fit into most my clothes anymore- and like heck if I have the money for a new wardrobe! I am a window shopper…

No, the better thing for me to do –and better for my wallet– is to find ways to lose the weight that I have gained. That is my motivation. My reflection is my motivation. My clothes are my motivation. My wallet is my motivation (not by choice).

I have so many anime and band shirts that I refuse to give away or throw out!! I swear I will fit into them someday!

So for anyone out there who struggles with weight loss like me or is simply wanting to make changes in their everyday life- please take that age old advice- TAKE THINGS ONE STEP AT TIME. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to change overnight, there is a high chance that it won’t last. You should just start with one thing, then slowly bring on others. But what the heck, if you want to prove me wrong and become a better person overnight, then you do you boo boo!

TeePublic has a new Product!

TeePublic sent an email a few days about their new t-shirt named: The Curvy Tee!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.47.00 AM

These superior soft premium jersey t-shirts for ladies have the perfect fit, in extended sizes. Available in six different colors to complement any wardrobe, these shirts are softly shaped to fit any gal’s curves.

Where to find them

Under the T-Shirt option:

Select: Female under Gender

Select: Curvy Tee under Style

I have yet to order any samples of this style so let me know if you get one! I work hard to make sure that the places I use for printing are providing good quality products. Your input is appreciated!


Think and Adapt

For the past few weeks, I was having some pretty severe pain near my tailbone area. It was hurting so bad that there was no way I could physically workout. This one tender spot was making it hard to do anything, even walk.

This pain came during the first full week I was dedicating to my fitness routine. I knew this week was already going to be challenging, so having this come up really de-motivated me since it prevented me from working out. It basically pushed all my plans to the following week.

This made me angry, upset, depressed- it gave me that why should I even try anymore feeling.

I could barely do anything! But what this injury did give me, was time. Time to think, to focus, to figure out what else I could be doing to get healthy.

I started focusing on the stuff I could do like meal prepping. I have seen everywhere that abs are made in the kitchen so why not concentrate on changing my diet?

Then everything somehow got easier… what I mean is that by not having to worry about the workout portion I was able to take my time to look up recipes, budget out meals, grocery shop, and cook.

And oh my gwad it felt so much better to just be able to focus on this one thing! I multitask all the time (evening do so right now as I write this blog) so being able to give this one part of my life my complete devotion made it so that it got done quicker.

It inspired me to create this design below:

click them to check out the store

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.41.15 PM          Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.41.50 PM

I wear it to remind me that we don’t have to try to conquer everything at once. We can work towards small goals that will help towards the major one. It reminds me that taking one step at a time, focusing on doing that one thing, is better than not doing anything. It is better than giving up.

When you feel overwhelmed or feel like you can’t do it all- that’s ok! Take a deep breath and focus on one thing. Just one thing at a time and you will get it done! I promise that you will start to feel better. Setting smaller goals and completing them will help to motivate you. And it gets around those pesky excuses you sometimes tell yourself when things don’t go your way.

You can do this.

I know you can!



Mirror Me Fitness



Fitness Reflection | AK | The End

Reflection on the End

Hello All!

As most of you are aware from my previous blogs posts, I was participating in a May fitness challenge. My goal was to get down to a size 36 before my graduation. Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal. I mentioned at the Midpoint struggle I had run into a few issues. I had gotten sick and then hurt my foot. I tried to still complete my challenge to the best of my ability, but the foot setback was a little much to overcome.

I want to make one thing clear; there is no excuse I’m leaning on to why I did not reach my goal. I failed, but I learned a lot about myself trying to do something like this 30-day challenge.

First, when doing a heavy cardio challenge hurting your foot will affect your overall performance. I think with a longer program, or if I were working with a trainer 1-on-1, I would have been able to re-plan and redirect my workouts to continue progress without taking many steps back. An injury can wreck your performance when you are trying to accomplish so much in such a short time on your own.

Second, diet is critical. Even though my meal plan was a basic plan, I was able to change some bad habits of mine. When eating pre-made meals and following a strict plan, I noticed I wasn’t stopping for fast food. Even Taco Bell sounded disgusting when I was hungry. My chocolate cravings went away. Typically, I will stop at gas stations for a chocolate bar or horde cookies at my house. As the program went on because I was eating better, I ceased needing to pick up candy at every gas station. Even with these minor changes, I felt better. I noticed little weight come off from these changes, but I began to feel better. My energy was up, and I could stay up and focus on homework. Something I could not do over the last few years. I also did not gain any weight when I could no longer do the cardio challenges. I held my weight loss at 246lbs. The meal plan alone kept me from yoyoing. I typically always thought I could work around the diet, but with this challenge, I realized you cannot outwork a poor diet.

The Final Thoughts

So I may not have gotten to my goal this time, I am still encouraged. My failure was learning experience in how much support matters. Injuries are better dealt with when you are working with a trainer 1 on 1. That diet is so much more important than I had ever considered. My failure was a great learning experience as I get ready to move on to a summer program and start to rehab my foot. I’m still very positive about my experience and hope my story has helped. I will keep reporting about my fitness journey as know I focus on a summer goal.


Goal Update | Side Effects of no Soda

The last time I had a can of coke was May 15th, 2017.

It is now May 31st, 2017.

This. Is. Hard.

It has only been about two weeks. Even after one week and the cravings have been hard to deal with. I was the type of person who drank at least three cokes a day! Some in-between meals just to deal with the hunger. I would be hungry, but not have a taste for anything, so I would just drink a coke.

The side effects of not drinking coke have been mostly negative… I guess that is to be expected since I’ve spent almost 25+ years drinking coke… (I would say for the total of 27 years because I’m pretty confident my mom drank coke while I was in her belly).

I have felt:

  • Depressed and unmotivated (un-creative)
  • Fatigue – never wanting to leave my bed or couch
  • Grumpy and easily agitated
  • My limbs felt like sand and concrete- the idea of going to the gym felt impossible because I could barely move around the house

I finally took to the web to see what other people experienced when they dropped soda from their diet and it appears that I check-off on all the symptoms of withdrawal.

I didn’t think it would be this bad, considering I wasn’t giving up on my love of coffee. I still have it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

What I replaced as my main drink for coca-cola has been water with ice- so I guess that is good. But when I would want something with flavor it would be OJ or fruit punch Gatorade. I am still on the hunt for something a little be better than that, but I would assume it is better to drink a Gatorade than a can of coke.

Oh and Arizona Raspberry Tea! LOVE IT!

It has only been two weeks. So no it has not changed my weight. I am still feeling the symptoms listed above- just more aware that it is the process of the withdrawal, so I feel like I can try to fight it more. I will continue with this for as long as I can until the cravings are no more.

I hope that by conquering this goal, I can move to others with more confidence. That I know, I can do this. That means I can so so much more.


Mirror Me Fitness